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Launched in 2013 under the ‘Development of Energy Cooperatives in Croatia’ initiative, ZEZ (Green Energy Cooperative) now operates independently as a social enterprise. Its mission upholds three core principles:

  • assist citizens with sustainable energy development.
  • provide education services for energy investment.
  • ensure citizens are at the heart of a just energy transition.

ZEZ will mobilise its community of 200+ investors who previously supported two local solar projects through crowdfunding, and 500+ citizens interested to invest in solar for their households. In parallel, ZEZ will explore ways in which its community can support low-income households, such as making micro-donations that finance energy-saving measures and installation of solar PV systems.

ZEZ expects to reach 250 low-income households through the CEES project (rising to 750 post-project) and to provide training for ~25 unemployed young people to become energy advisors.

During the project, ZEZ expects to help households realise 0.83 GWh/yr of energy savings, leading to emissions reduction of 153 tCO2. Post-project, both figures will double to 1.65 GWh/yr and 560 tCO2.

Within CEES, ZEZ will integrate ENERCOOP’s Energie solidaire model into its structure to boost citizen engagement and investment. It aims to reach investments of €200 000 during the project; then, in following years, to more than double that amount €500 000.

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