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Renewable energy cooperatives (RESCOOPs) are the most democratic and oldest form of energy community., the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives, is the umbrella agency supporting a growing network of 1 900 communities, representing >1.25 mln citizens.

In addition to providing energy services, and its members empower citizens and cooperatives to practice energy democracy, creating platforms that allow citizens from all walks of life to participate in the European energy debate.

Recognising that, ultimately, citizens will foot the bill for a transition to a more sustainable energy system, the federation has four primary objectives:

  • Represent the voice of citizens and energy cooperatives to European policy makers.
  • Support starting and established energy cooperatives and provide them with tools and contacts to help them grow and prosper.
  • Facilitate international exchange and cooperation among energy cooperatives.
  • Promote the cooperative business model in the energy sector.

Typically composed of groups of individuals who participate in a democratic manner, RESCOOPs seek to achieve the common goals of energy resilience and independence through sustainable energy generation and use. RESCOOPs are a strong form of solidarity: members typically have equal voting rights regardless of diversity in financial contributions. As RESCOOPs are usually retailers of electricity and heat, they typically supply and engage several energy-poor households in their area of action.

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