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Created in 1998, Les 7 Vents is a pioneer in community energy and sustainable development in France.

Hands for Homes, the core programme of Les 7 Vents and its European partners, promotes shared and supported self-renovation (3SR) practices that enable energy-poor households to implement energy efficiency refurbishments of their homes at low cost. Committed to sustainability, Les 7 Vents ensures:

  • use of less- or un-processed natural and local materials.
  • appropriate techniques for responsible production and consumption.

Families participating in this programme are usually in precarious situations and have extremely low energy consumption. As a result, interventions are typically almost neutral in relation to energy use and reducing CO2 emissions. The impact of action is best considered in terms of improved thermal comfort and gains in physical health and well-being.

The programme also delivers important social benefits. The opportunity to establish community links reduces the isolation often experienced by those in severe energy poverty in rural areas, according to an independent impact study. Other social gains include cohesion and solidarity across territories and generations – boosting social, cultural and generational diversity through participatory eco-building sites.

Les 7 vents seeks to further enhance engagement by working with other CEES partners, including ALIenergy and Repowering.

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