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In 2019, Enercoop launched Energie solidaire, a micro-donation scheme by which any customer can opt to ‘round up’ their energy bill to provide support to local energy poverty mitigation programmes.

  • Customer service
  • Debt recovery service
  • Energy reduction workshops

Enercoop aims to invest >€530 000 in local projects over the course of the project. Interventions undertaken typically trigger energy savings of 1 030 kWh/yr per household, translating to a reduction of ~€170 on energy bills. With 1 120 households receiving interventions, total savings over the project duration are estimated at 1.15 GWh.

In France, every 1 kWh consumed produces ~61 gCO2 equivalent; thus, over the project, Energie Solidaire will enable emissions reduction of 23 tCO2/yr.

Within CEES, the Energie solidaire model will be evaluated and piloted by other energy communities in Europe to identify areas for improvement or adaptations needed for local contexts. Working closely with RESCOOP, Enercoop will also identify complementary fundraising opportunities, and new ways to identify clients living in energy poverty.

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