With winter bearing down and Europe entrenched in an energy crisis, exploring ways for energy communities to engage in tackling energy poverty is more important than ever. Join the CEES webinar on Thurs, 20 October!

Across the EU, energy prices have skyrocketed as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made gas markets more volatile. In turn, the degree to which the EU depends on gas imports for both heating and electricity generation is have direct impacts on households and businesses. Families take a ‘double hit’ as they pay more for energy they consume and also face higher prices for goods such as food and clothing or for transportation.

Recent EU initiatives take more direct aim ensuring national governments take steps to address energy poverty and boost support for energy communities (ECs). In this CEES webinar, we’ll here how ECs from four countries (Croatia, France, Portugal and the UK) are already ‘on the case’. They’ll share ideas on how to:

  • identify people who need help, and engage with them and other entities to offer holistic approaches
  • act, through hard and soft measures at household or community levels
  • secure support in terms of regulations and/or financing
  • measure impact and evaluate outcome.

Register here: https://bit.ly/3r02kKb

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